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All students working from home will be required to make sure they have taken home all text books, workbooks and equipment. This will enable students to have the correct hard copy resources for their home learning. (*Students are not permitted to take core subject textbooks of English, Mathematics, Science and HASS from the classroom. All students should have these text books as an ebook and accessible via the student device.)

All lessons will be based on the current High School timetable. When timetabled classes are starting students will be invited to participate in each lesson by the teacher, inviting students to join the class using the ‘TEAMS’ format. Students need to have an active school email address and have TEAMS open on their device at the commencement of each lesson, this includes Form class at the start of each day.

The High School timetable will be available through SEQTA, and all students should have a hard copy of their year specific timetable. Parents use SEQTA ENGAGE, whereas students can access SEQTA LEARN.

We ask that all students follow the timetable on SEQTA that keeps to our regular school times. Our school day will commence as usual at 8.30 a.m. with the student’s Form Class. * Students on site will still attend school all day and follow the same programme and timetable.

Lessons will be outlined in detail on SEQTA ENGAGE and LEARN, and will also be supported through Microsoft TEAMS with all students expected to send in a photo or scan of their work to show they are working, and for teachers to be able to assess and monitor learning. The finer details of this requirement will be updated as we progress through these extraordinary times and students will generally be informed by their subject teachers in these matters.

Student & Parent Expectations


Parents are encouraged to log into SEQTA ENGAGE regularly throughout the day to monitor student learning expectations however, within the high school, students will be working online through Microsoft TEAMS as mentioned above.

Parents are asked to ensure, as much as possible, that their child/ren are engaged in their learning for each lesson and for each day. Please also note that teachers will be completing their attendance roll as normal and parents will be notified if a student is not signed into a class as expected, or if they are not signed in for the Form Class at the start of each day.

Parents should contact staff for help and communicate via Direqt Messages in SEQTA ENGAGE only (no emails please). This enables staff to be able to have a manageable amount of online platforms to monitor and manage. Staff will aim to reply as quickly as possible, on the same day. If you have difficulty with the ‘Direqt Messaging’ platform, please email the College office on [email protected]. These emails will be reviewed by office staff and emails will be forwarded to relevant staff.

If there is a need for support in the event of questions relating to ICT, please email using the following address: [email protected]. Emails sent to this address will be picked up by our ICT department and dealt with as soon as possible after being prioritised.


Students are expected to attend classes through Microsoft TEAMS each day, and for each timetabled class, including the Form class at the start of each day.

Teachers will inform students of how and when assessments or classwork will be sent through for marking during link up with them through Microsoft TEAMS.

If students need help, they are expected to seek help from their teacher when logged on through the ‘TEAMS’ learning platform. If help is needed outside of a specific lesson, students are asked to contact their teacher through SEQTA Direqt Messaging. Staff will aim to reply as quickly as possible, on the same day, and will make it priority to respond to students first. They will also, where possible, give feedback to students via Direqt Messaging.

If any of the above communication avenues (Direqt Messages and TEAMS) do not work, then students are asked to email their request to [email protected] so contact can be made with relevant teacher.