‘To Knowledge, Add Wisdom’
A Godly Approach to Learning


Check out some highlights from this years Open Day Fete!

An incredible day full of activities and excitement for the whole family, displaying our wonderful College grounds. Keep an eye out for 2023!

Why HillSide?


The school is lovely! I have learnt so much and the teachers actually take time to make sure every child is ok. This school has also helped me improve with all my subjects, most children think of school as a boring place you must attend but at HillSide there is none of that. With making sure every child is educated they also make sure every child is having fun. I am a student at HillSide and I like the school so much that on holidays I end up missing school… just something to think about if your considering enrolling your child in the school.

HillSide Student


Love the school. Best thing I ever did sending my children there. Fantastic teachers and a great family environment. I can relax knowing my kids are getting a great education, and they are happy!!

HillSide Parent


Our son attended 3 year old kindy here. Great school! The staff were incredible and he went from being very shy to being confident and well adjusted. The class was just the right size and the teachers went above and beyond in the care they showed. They discovered what made him tick and encouraged him to better himself both in character, personal skills and academically. In my son’s words he loves “…the trains, the playground and Mrs R because she is kind.” And if I was 30 years younger I would be playing on the nature playground too! It’s amazing!

HillSide Parent