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Opening Hours:
Monday-Friday : 8am-4pm
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Safety and Identity

With Pastoral Care as a key platform, children are accepted into a safe, supportive environment where they are able to demonstrate their gifts.

Christian at the Core

Christian education at HillSide is taught every day, in every primary school classroom. Our students learn about Jesus Christ, and their relationship to Him. We encourage students in the Christian faith. Using the Connect Christian curriculum, students learn about the Bible with great opportunities for worship.

Systematic and Effective Curriculum

Students engage in meaningful learning experiences, which reflect the full scope of the Australian Curriculum. Our staff plan together, to provide specific learning programmes that ensure every student develops their learning. We are committed to providing quality education to every child.

Effective Transition to High School

At HillSide we have the advantage of one campus with K-12 curriculum delivery. This affords better transition between early childhood, primary and secondary education. That means less anxiety and “down time” adjusting to key changes in education or moving to a different environment. Our staff discuss and plan between the different sectors affording better assistance to students.

The Personal Touch

We know our students by name. We are large enough to offer a broad range of events and learning experiences and our staff has great working relationships with the students and parents. There are genuine positive interactions on a daily basis.

High Standards

All of our students are expected to do their best. We ask that they behave in a positive and respectful manner and likewise, the whole school community is modelled on respect: Respect for God, respect for others, and respect of self. Our purpose is to practise this model, in behaviour and culture, while on campus. At HillSide, our standards are high because we want to deliver quality education and develop quality relationships.

Partnering Together

We want every family to feel part of a vibrant and caring community. Parents, students, staff and the wider community are invited to join us on the journey as we work for the good of the school community. We want to be together on the journey!