336 Hawtin Rd
Forrestfield WA 6058

(08) 9453 2644
[email protected]

Opening Hours:
Monday-Friday : 8am-4pm
Sat – Sun: Closed


The College’s Vision is to positively transform lives, in our school, in Jesus’ name. Our Vision is at the core of all our aspirations.

This Vision was first laid on the heart of Pastor Fred Anderson, the Senior Pastor of HillSide Church at the time. The College was officially established in Forrestfield in 1977 to provide Christian education to families seeking a more holistic approach to children’s education.

From humble beginnings, the College grew rapidly and relocated to its current site. It has continued to provide high quality education ever since.

We apply a Biblical worldview to the curriculum because we believe that learning is best understood when students can make sense of the world in relation to God. This is why our College’s motto reads: ‘To knowledge, add wisdom’. Pure knowledge is not enough for life; wisdom and depth are our higher aspirations.