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Beginning with God

At HillSide, we believe that children can achieve success when the right foundations are in place. In our “Beginning with God” programme, we introduce children to Jesus Christ, and teach core Christian themes.

In the early years, we implement a sequential Christian curriculum, while providing opportunities for meaningful praise and worship.

Great Learning

We implement the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) as our blueprint for successful learning. This centres on three key learning domains:

  • Being – feeling safe, and developing new skills academically, socially, physically within our Christian educational framework.
  • Belonging – feeling part of the HillSide community. Recognising and appreciating the role of family in our lives. Having our own unique identity, and having a sense of the greater context of our environment, both at school and in the wider world.
  • Beginning – helping each child to make a good start to their education. Literacy and numeracy skills that will provide a sure platform for learning. Each student should develop a love of learning.

Quality Teaching

Our friendly and professional staff are always looking for improvement and quality. Our ECE team is committed to meeting National Quality Standards. We work as a team to deliver quality curriculum and programmes. Our staff implements a variety of research-based approaches, including the Inquiry Model.

Time for Play

Students learn best when they are engaged in a vibrant learning environment. Our brand new Nature Play and Outdoor Education area provides the perfect location for learning. Children enquire and interact with other peers to explore interesting ideas. Whether they choose the cubby house, ropes system, water play, the “river” or climb through tunnels, children at HillSide will be motivated to explore learning opportunities in role play situations.

Safe and Secure

Our ECE area, which includes our Nature Play, is a beautiful learning environment. Children feel safe and supported with both staff and the physical environment working to facilitate learning. Our ECE facilities are excellent, the grounds picturesque, but our primary investment is in people. Our staff provide personalised pastoral care and engage with our community to develop a partnership with students, parents and the school community.