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    The enrolment process at HillSide Christian College observes a number of stages to ensure that families fully understand and support the College’s educational philosophy. The enrolment process seeks to match and clarify the values of the family and College in terms of ethos and beliefs. HillSide is a private Christian school and is therefore selective in offering enrolments.

    The stages of enrolment are:

    STAGE ONE: Parents contact the College Administration via telephone on 9453 2644 or email [email protected]

    STAGE TWO: An Enrolment Information Pack will be posted out, or alternatively can be collected from the College Administration.

    STAGE THREE: Completed Application for Enrolment forms are returned, together with a minimum of two recent school reports, copy of child’s birth certificate, and Immunisation History record from the MyGov Website.

    STAGE FOUR: Once all forms have been received, you will be contacted to arrange an interview with the Principal or Deputy Principal. An application fee of $100 is payable at this time.

    STAGE FIVE: Enrolment places are offered subject to the interview, and the ability to accommodate the student/s. HillSide is a private school and is therefore selective in offering enrolments.

    STAGE SIX: Families will be contacted through written correspondence advising whether their application has been successful.

    STAGE SEVEN: Successful applicants may then confirm the enrolment with their bond payment of $500.

    The aim of the process is to ensure that the student, who enrols at HillSide, achieves their best in a nurturing environment, and where they feel that they “belong” to the school, and have pride in it.

    Condition of Enrolment

    Enrolment at the College is subject to the following terms and conditions:

    • That the children will be allowed to share fully in the life and programme of the College.
    • Students should attend College on each designated school day, except for absences authorised by the Principal, or in cases of illness.
    • Students are required to be courteous, respectful, friendly and dignified in their behaviour at all times.
    • Students are also required to demonstrate a high level of commitment, diligence and participation in the learning process. Each student is expected to do their best.
    • That students should wear appropriate school uniform as determined by the College.
    • Written notice, through the Principal, of at least one term in advance is required should a student be removed by his/her parents or guardian. In default of such notice, an additional payment of one term’s fees is payable.
    • The College may terminate an enrolment at its discretion. This may occur if the Principal determines, in his opinion, that the student is making unsatisfactory progress, has an unsatisfactory attitude, or has displayed unsatisfactory behaviour or broken College rules. In the event of this happening, the College is not obliged to refund any fees or charges. Moreover, fees and charges outstanding will still be payable.
    • That the parents will totally support the College’s discipline policy.
    • That the parent and students fully support the Christian ethos of the College and that all students enrolled at the College will participate in Devotion, Chapel, Christian curriculum, and any other religious activity that the College may deem necessary.

    Parents are also required to sign and agree to the additional commitments listed below:

    HillSide Christian College
    Parents’ Commitment

    We would encourage prayer for staff members and school community.
    Fulfill our College’s Christian vision and purpose
    I will lay a Spiritual foundation through Godly example at home
    Show respect for staff, students and families
    Respect the authority of the College to nurture and discipline. My child/children must comply with the College’s rules and policies as amended from time to time.
    Make every effort to support the staff in educating my child and honour the teachers’ work
    Communicate regularly with staff, read notes, check the website, and attend relevant meetings. Send written explanations for absences or tardiness by the following day.
    Be willing to listen to the College or staff concerns, respond appropriately and supportively.
    Seek information and facts and not believe rumours.
    Respect complaint procedures and abide by all College rules and policies as amended from time to time.
    Be consistent in values and discipline reflecting the College’s Christian values and ethos.
    Be interested in your child’s progress and volunteer where possible.
    Honour the financial commitments made to the College.
    Behave soberly and objectively while at the College. I will act in a polite manner in relation to the College.
    I will see that my child/children arrive at College on time.

    The underlying premise is that parents fully support the Christian ethos and operation of the College, and also contribute positively to the life and culture of the College. Students applying from other schools need to meet acceptable behavioural and social standards in order to be considered for enrolment, as HillSide has enrolment conditions that stipulate these types of requirements.