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Opening Hours:
Monday-Friday : 8am-4pm
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Who are we?

The Parents and Friends (P&F) Committee is made up of volunteer parents from within the College, who are passionate about cultivating a thriving college community.

What is our role?

The P&F committee exists to serve the needs of the College community (consistent with the aims, objectives and mission statement of the College).

This includes providing space for collaboration between parents and the College via regular general meetings, and promoting interests that benefit our students and community.
We highly value to sense of community that exists within the College, and aspire to strengthen this by hosting events that allow our community to come together often.
Although fundraising isn’t our primary objective, we do assist with facilitating fundraising activities for provision of resources, facilities and amenities as needed.

Our general committee meetings are held twice per term, over Microsoft teams.

We understand time and commitment demands on families are high, however we do strongly encourage all parents to consider what role they could play within the Parents and Friends’ Committee.

We are in constant need of volunteers, ideas and feedback, and you are always welcome in any capacity that you can manage!

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